Panel organized at IRSPM Annual Conference

  • D Hatmaker (Participant)
  • SLV (Stéphane) Moyson (Participant)
  • Z Oberfield (Participant)

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How do public organizations integrate employees to be productive organizational members who serve the public well and can also adapt to the contemporary challenges and complexities noted by the IRSPM 2015 theme? Organizational socialization is the process through which employees learn the skills, expected behaviors, and values required to become productive organizational members (Van Maanen and Schein, 1979). Socialization begins when a new employee enters the organization and it can influence learning processes, organizational commitment, job satisfaction, adoption of the organization’s culture and values, and sense of fit within the organization. Existing employees can undergo socialization again when they transition to new roles, such as via a promotion into a leadership role or a transfer into a new division or department. Integrating employees so that they can consistently address public needs under complex conditions can be a core concern for public managers. Organizational socialization is often premised on stable conditions in which the employee ‘learns the ropes’ of his or her job. Yet how does a public organization ensure that it prepares employees to serve the public well in a multitude of conditions? How can a public organization instill its core values and processes that enable employees to perform under stable conditions, while at the same time equip them to adapt to dynamic or unexpected events? Public sector organizational socialization has not been widely investigated and this panel aims to contribute to our understanding of organizational socialization processes in part in response to Perry’s (2010) call. We invite papers that address the above questions, but we are also interested in papers that examine socialization processes more generally in public sector organizations. We are also open to papers that discuss theoretical and methodological approaches that are best suited to the study of public sector organizational socialization.
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