Towards societal engagement: ‘Ethics work’ in action research

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The importance of closer connections between science and society is increasingly recognized, in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Examples are manifold. EUR’s Strategy 2024 ‘Creating Positive Societal Impact: The Erasmian way’, presents societal engagement as central to addressing contemporary societal challenges.

Period1 May 2023

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleTowards societal engagement: ‘Ethics work’ in action research
    DescriptionSocietal engagement is believed to benefit science in different ways. One way to embed societal engagement in research practices is through action research. Besides placing specific demands on researchers, due to its interactive and collaborative nature, action research is characterized by certain specific ethical considerations. However, simply capturing ethics in protocols is usually insufficient, because this overlooks the dynamic and messy ways in which ethical issues tend to emerge throughout the research process. Rather, I suggest to approach the incorporation of ethical considerations as 'ethics work'. In this article, I identify four points of attention when engaging in 'ethics work': collaboration, competence, adaptability, and consent.
    PersonsMarijn Faling