Cost-effectiveness of alternative NTRK-testing strategies and histology-independent therapy entrectinib in 3 countries - supplementary material

  • Heleen Vellekoop (Creator)
  • Simone Huygens (Creator)
  • Matthijs Versteegh (Creator)
  • László Szilberhorn (Contributor)
  • Tamás Zelei (Creator)
  • Balázs Nagy (Creator)
  • Rositsa Koleva-Kolarova (Creator)
  • Sarah Wordsworth (Creator)
  • Maureen van Molken (Contributor)



Table S1. Test groups, proportional distribution umour type distribution before NTRK gene fusion testing, NTRK prevalence and tumour type distribution in entrectinib trials.Table S2. Sensitivity and specificity of immunohistochemistry (IHC) tests by tumour type.Table S3. Number of patients and parametric distributions with the lowest AIC for overall survival (OS) and time to treatment discontinuation (TTD)Table S4. Costs of biopsy, IHC, and RNA-NGS by tumour type and country.Table S5. Standard of care treatments by cancer typeTable S6. Costs of standard of care (SoC) treatment and adverse event treatment by tumour type and country.Table S7. Probability distributions used for probabilistic sensitivity analysis (PSA)Table S8. Incremental budget impact according to time horizon of national HTA guidelinesFigure S1. Model structureFigure S2. Results of the univariate sensitivity analysis
Date made available2023

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