Local Climate Mitigation and Local Climate Adaptation Plans of European Urban Audit Cities

  • Filomena Pietrapertosa (Creator)
  • Monica Salvia (Creator)
  • Sonia De Gregorio Hurtado (Contributor)
  • Valentina D'Alonzo (Creator)
  • Jon Marco Church (Creator)
  • Davide Geneletti (Creator)
  • Diana Reckien (Creator)
  • S. Grafakos (Global Green Growth Institute, Erasmus University Rotterdam) (Creator)
  • V. Viguie (Contributor)
  • A. Foley (Creator)
  • O. Heidrich (Creator)
  • C. Nador (Creator)
  • Hans Orru (Creator)
  • K. Orru (Creator)
  • R. Dawson (Creator)
  • E Krkoska Lorencová (Creator)
  • A Wejs (Creator)
  • J Flacke (Creator)
  • M Olazabal (Creator)
  • E Feliu (Creator)
  • S Vasilie (Creator)
  • A Krook-Riekkola (Creator)
  • M Matosovic (Creator)
  • BI Ioannou (Creator)
  • A Flamos (Creator)
  • N-A Spyridaki (Creator)
  • O Fülöp (Creator)
  • I Paspaldzhiev (Creator)
  • P Eckersley (Creator)
  • M Szalmane Csete (Creator)
  • A Buzasi (Creator)
  • K Rižnar (Creator)
  • M Smigaj (Creator)
  • V Baštáková (Creator)
  • E Streberova (Creator)
  • N Belšak Šel (Creator)
  • L Coste (Creator)
  • L Tardieu (Creator)
  • C Altenburg (Creator)



This database shows the availability of local climate mitigation plans, local climate adaptation plans, municipal energy plans, heat wave plans and flood risk plans of all 885 Urban Audit Core Cities of the 28 countries of the European Union. Additionally, it lists per Urban Audit Core City the membership in the largest climate networks [Old Covenant of Mayors Member (2020 goal); New Covenant of Mayors Member (2030 goal); Status (1-2-3); Mayors Adapt Commitment; Compact of Mayors Member (yes/no); Compact of Mayors Stage (Badge)]. Furthermore, based on a typology of plans developed in Reckien et al., 2018 and Reckien et al., 2019, the database categorizes the plans into types, and specifies whether adaptation and mitigation aspects are jointly addressed in one plan ('joint plan').
Date made available27 May 2020
Geographical coverage28 European countries (EU-28) and cities therein (885 Urban Audit core cities, representative per country)

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