Metadata of 333 letters mentioning René Descartes (1629-1650)

  • Paolo Rossini (Contributor)



Research data for article: Paolo Rossini, "The Networked Origins of Cartesian Philosophy and Science," HOPOS: The Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 97-120 (2022). Metadata includes the date of the letters and information about their senders and recipients. If the date is not certain, it is given as an interval (date start-date end). Note Descartes's correspondence is not included in the data set. The metadata was harvested from two online repositories, ePistolarium and EMLO. A special thanks goes to the editors of Marin Mersenne's correspondence catalogue for agreeing to share their data with me. Credits Cultures of Knowledge and Noel Malcolm, eds, ‘The Correspondence of Marin Mersenne’, in Early Modern Letters Online [EMLO] (based on the De Waard edition by kind permission of Éditions du Centre national de la recherche scientifique [CNRS], Paris),, accessed 27 February 2020.
Date made available23 Dec 2021

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