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**Alice Janssens is a PhD candidate and lecturer at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication.** In December 2016 she began her fully-funded research project upon fashion capitals and the business and economic history of the Berlin fashion industry, provisionally titled *The Rise and Fall of Berlin as a Fashion Capital: 1924-1939.* The project, supervised by Prof. Dr. Hein Klemann and Prof. Dr. Ben Wubs, aims to explore the success and decline of the Berlin fashion industry during the Interwar period. The research is the pilot of a larger project on global fashion capitals. Alice Janssens holds a Master degree in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship from Erasmus University Rotterdam (2016) and has worked in the fashion, cultural heritage and contemporary art sectors. Her main research interests include fashion history, business history, economic history, economics of the cultural industries, and 20th century political history. 


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