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Prof.dr.Onno Steenbeek holds a Chair in Pension Fund Risk Management at Erasmus University School of Economics in Rotterdam. His main affiliation is with APG Asset Management, where he is managing director of Strategic Portfolio Advice. This department is responsible for APG’s advisory services on ALM and SAA, as well as investment research. The quantitative models developed by the department are used to optimize the financial strategy of associated pension funds, with assets under management of around €500 billion. The department also plays a key role in the implementation of the reform of the Dutch pension system. In addition to his primary affiliations to APG and Erasmus University, Steenbeek is member of the investment committee of Unilever pension fund, and chairman of the investment committee of charity foundation Volkskracht in the city of Rotterdam. He is also a member of the Occupational Pensions Stakeholder Group (OPSG) of EIOPA, the European pension supervisor in Frankfurt.


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