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mr. dr. Randolf van Lambalgen

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Title of research: Banks and State Aid Control: An Equal Treatment Perspective

Promotor: Prof. H.M. Vletter-van Dort

The European Commission has taken many decisions in which it assesses state aid measures to banks. It is important that the Commission decisions are perceived as 'fair' or 'just' by the banks concerned. This underlines the importance of the principle of equal treatment, which will be the perspective taken in this research. The aim of this study is to identify a set of criteria that can be used to differentiate between banks. I aim to determine which criteria are conceivable, which have been used by the Commission, and which are justi-fied/desirable from a legal and economic perspective.

In October 2012, Randolf started his PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where he had studied previously for six years. From 2004-2010, Randolf participated in the 'mr. drs.-programma', which means that he has completed two studies: Economics (MSc) and Dutch Law (LL.M.). After graduating, he became 'quatrieme référendaire' (i.e. legal assistant) at the European Court of Justice. He worked for the Dutch judge (Marc van der Woude) at the General Court. After two fulfilling years, Randolf left Luxembourg and returned to the Nether-lands to begin his PhD.


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