ZonMW – COVID-19 second wave focus area 2 – Bottom up

Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively


The emphasis within this focus area lies on obtaining insights and lessons learned that contribute to an improved, substantiated response towards the current pandemic, and the safeguarding of these improved approaches and processes in the care system of the future. Various types of research are possible: evaluation pathways, action research, effect studies, facilitation pathways, efficacy research in the case of postponement of treatment/avoidance of care, organisation of care issues, development of epidemiological models, and inventories.
To achieve this, collaboration between research groups, disciplines and relevant stakeholders is the starting point for obtaining these insights in an efficient manner and for realising an adequate preparation for a future pandemic.

The focus area has three themes:

Organisation of care and prevention
Care and prevention for vulnerable citizens
Transmission and epidemiology
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsZon-Mw