A review of the berberine natural polysaccharide nanostructures as potential anticancer and antibacterial agents

Suliman Khan, Arif Hussain, Farnoosh Attar, Samir Haj Bloukh, Zehra Edis, Majid Sharifi, Ebrahim Balali, Fahime Nemati, Hossein Derakhshankhah, Hojjat Alizadeh Zeinabad, Faisal Nabi, Rizwan Hasan Khan, Hao Xiao, Lin Yueting, Hua Linlin*, Timo L.M. ten Hagen*, Mojtaba Falahati*

*Corresponding author for this work

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Despite the promising medicinal properties, berberine (BBR), due to its relatively poor solubility in plasma, low bio-stability and limited bioavailability is not used broadly in clinical stages. Due to these drawbacks, drug delivery systems (DDSs) based on nanoscale natural polysaccharides, are applied to address these concerns. Natural polymers are biodegradable, non-immunogenic, biocompatible, and non-toxic agents that are capable of trapping large amounts of hydrophobic compounds in relatively small volumes. The use of nanoscale natural polysaccharide improves the stability and pharmacokinetics of the small molecules and, consequently, increases the therapeutic effects and reduces the side effects of the small molecules. Therefore, this paper presents an overview of the different methods used for increasing the BBR solubility and bioavailability. Afterwards, the pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic of BBR nanostructures were discussed followed by the introduction of natural polysaccharides of plant (cyclodextrines, glucomannan), the shells of crustaceans (chitosan), and the cell wall of brown marine algae (alginate)-based origins used to improve the dissolution rate of poorly soluble BBR and their anticancer and antibacterial properties. Finally, the anticancer and antibacterial mechanisms of free BBR and BBR nanostructures were surveyed. In conclusion, this review may pave the way for providing some useful data in the development of BBR-based platforms for clinical applications.

Original languageEnglish
Article number112531
JournalBiomedicine and Pharmacotherapy
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2022

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