Age and blood pressure levels modify the functional properties of central but not peripheral arteries

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The effect of age and blood pressure on the carotid and the radial artery distensibilities was investigated. Patients referred to the outpatient clinic of the Department of Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine were asked to participate in the study. The carotid and radial artery distensibility coefficients were measured. Linear regression analyses were performed to investigate the associations between determinants and arterial distensibility. The mean age of the participants was 72.3 years, and 41.5% were men. Carotid distensibility decreased with age in adjusted models (beta = -0.317; 95% confidence interval [CI], -0,241, -0.055), whereas the radial distensibility did not decrease. Levels of systolic blood pressure and mean arterial pressure were associated with decreasing levels of carotid distensibility, whereas the diastolic blood pressure and pulse pressure were not associated (P = -0.571; 95% CI, -0.404, -0.007; beta = -0.410; 95% CI, -0.308, -0.101, respectively). In conclusion, age and blood pressure levels are associated with the distensibility of the central arteries but not with that of the peripheral arteries.
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