Can I move or can I stay? Applying a life course perspective on immobility when facing gradual environmental changes in Morocco

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This study applies a life course perspective to immobility in the face of gradual environmental change in Morocco. Using 48 in-depth qualitative interviews in Tangier and Tinghir (Morocco), the study aims to understand how immobility is shaped and structured by the life course stages that people experience. This study enhances our understanding of immobility in gradually degrading environmental contexts, on which there has been little research to date. The findings contrast with the widespread imaginary of u8216trapped populationsu8217 facing environmental change, with no apparent differences across life course stages and affecting all of the population in a similar fashion. Few respondents referred to an urgent need to migrate in the light of slow-onset environmental changes. Rather, migration aspirations were entangled with other societal changes and employment opportunities. Differences in life course stages became apparent, with people of working age dependent on employment opportunities. Those in younger age groups, especially, desired higher living standards and greater satisfaction with their lives and living conditions, with young people in an important transition period in their lives aspiring to migrate. By contrast, older respondents did not consider migrating to be an option as they were settled and had well-established social/family networks and insufficient resources to start over. Socio-economic status also played a role in the ability to both migrate and stay. The findings of this paper suggest to fully capture all mobility outcomes when examining peopleu8217s migration aspirations and abilities, these should be considered together with the ability to stay.
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JournalClimate Risk Management
Publication statusPublished - 2021
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