Commenting on "China's One Belt One Road" Initiative Funding"

Ying Zhang

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"China’s One belt one road (OBOR) policy, together with AIIB strategy can be viewed as an fundamentally creative platform to stimulate Asian and European economies, particularly through exporting China’s capital. In particular, I believe OBOR will play an essential role in the upcoming decade for China’s economy transition under New Normal Principles. By acting and facilitating economies near this route and reorganizing the resource & capital distributions for a good sake, countries along this route will be reunited with a new rule and with harmonious culture. For those countries along the OBOR (mainly focusing on Asian European Continent) but also have participated AIIB as a member (focusing on Asian pacific region), developed regions/ countries and developing /emerging countries and regions, sectors with competitive advantage from each country can be recomposed and applied. Of course, with Asian pacific and Asian European economies, the world economy cannot be suspended without confidence.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 18 Nov 2015

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