CUBN Is a Gene Locus for Albuminuria

CA Boger, MH Chen, A Tin, M Olden, A Koettgen, IH (Ian) Boer, C Fuchsberger, CM O'Seaghdha, C Pattaro, A Teumer, CT Liu, NL Glazer, M Li, JR O'Conne, T Tanaka, CA Peralta, Z Kutalik, J Luan, JH Zhao, SJ HwangE Akylbekova, H Kramer, P van der Harst, AV Smith, K Lohman, M de Andrade, C Hayward, B Kollerits, A Tonjes, T Aspelund, E Ingelsson, G Eiriksdottir, LJ (Lenore) Launer, TB Harris, AR Shuldiner, BD Mitchell, DE Arking, N Franceschini, E Boerwinkle, J Egan, D Hernandez, M O Reilly, RR Townsend, T Lumley, DS Siscovick, BM Psaty, B Kestenbaum, T Haritunians, S Bergmann, P Vollenweider, G Waeber, V Mooser, D Waterworth, AD Johnson, JC Florez, JB Meigs, XN Lu, ST Turner, EJ Atkinson, TS Leak, K Aasarod, F Skorpen, AC Syvanen, T Illig, J Baumert, W Koenig, BK Kramer, O Devuyst, JC Mychaleckyj, C Minelli, SJL Bakker, L Kedenko, B Paulweber, S Coassin, K Endlich, HK Kroemer, R Biffar, S Stracke, H Volzke, M Stumvol, R Magi, H Campbell, V Vitart, ND Hastie, V Gudnason, SLR Kardia, YM Liu, O Polasek, G Curhan, F Kronenberg, I Prokopenko, I Rudan, J Arnlov, S Hallan, G Navis, A Parsa, L Ferrucci, J Coresh, MG Shlipak, SB Bul, AD Paterson, HE Wichmann, NJ Wareham, RJF Loos, JI Rotter, PP Pramstaller, LA Cupples, JS Beckmann, QO Yang, IM Heid, R Rettig, AW Dreisbach, M Bochud, CS Fox, WHL Kao

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Identification of genetic risk factors for albuminuria may alter strategies for early prevention of CKD progression, particularly among patients with diabetes. Little is known about the influence of common genetic variants on albuminuria in both general and diabetic populations. We performed a meta-analysis of data from 63,153 individuals of European ancestry with genotype information from genome-wide association studies (CKDGen Consortium) and from a large candidate gene study (CARe Consortium) to identify susceptibility loci for the quantitative trait urinary albumin-to-creatinine ratio (UACR) and the clinical diagnosis microalbuminuria. We identified an association between a missense variant (I2984V) in the CUBN gene, which encodes cubilin, and both UACR (P = 1.1 x 10(-11)) and microalbuminuria (P = 0.001). We observed similar associations among 6981 African Americans in the CARe Consortium. The associations between this variant and both UACR and microalbuminuria were significant in individuals of European ancestry regardless of diabetes status. Finally, this variant associated with a 41% increased risk for the development of persistent microalbuminuria during 20 years of follow-up among 1304 participants with type 1 diabetes in the prospective DCCT/EDIC Study. In summary, we identified a missense CUBN variant that associates with levels of albuminuria in both the general population and in individuals with diabetes.
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
Pages (from-to)555-570
Number of pages16
JournalJournal of the American Society of Nephrology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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