Dementia prevention in memory clinics: recommendations from the European task force for brain health services

Giovanni B. Frisoni*, Daniele Altomare, Federica Ribaldi, Nicolas Villain, Carol Brayne, Naaheed Mukadam, Marc Abramowicz, Frederik Barkhof, Marcelo Berthier, Melanie Bieler-Aeschlimann, Kaj Blennow, Andrea Brioschi Guevara, Emmanuel Carrera, Gaël Chételat, Chantal Csajka, Jean François Demonet, Alessandra Dodich, Valentina Garibotto, Jean Georges, Samia HurstFrank Jessen, Miia Kivipelto, David J. Llewellyn, Laura McWhirter, Richard Milne, Carolina Minguillón, Carlo Miniussi, José Luis Molinuevo, Peter M. Nilsson, Alastair Noyce, Janice M. Ranson, Oriol Grau-Rivera, Jonathan M. Schott, Alina Solomon, Ruth Stephen, Wiesje van der Flier, Cornelia van Duijn, Bruno Vellas, Leonie N.C. Visser, Jeffrey L. Cummings, Philip Scheltens, Craig Ritchie, Bruno Dubois

*Corresponding author for this work

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Observational population studies indicate that prevention of dementia and cognitive decline is being accomplished, possibly as an unintended result of better vascular prevention and healthier lifestyles. Population aging in the coming decades requires deliberate efforts to further decrease its prevalence and societal burden. Increasing evidence supports the efficacy of preventive interventions on persons with intact cognition and high dementia risk. We report recommendations for the deployment of second-generation memory clinics (Brain Health Services) whose mission is evidence-based and ethical dementia prevention in at-risk individuals. The cornerstone interventions consist of (i) assessment of genetic and potentially modifiable risk factors including brain pathology, and risk stratification, (ii) risk communication with ad-hoc protocols, (iii) risk reduction with multi-domain interventions, and (iv) cognitive enhancement with cognitive and physical training. A roadmap is proposed for concept validation and ensuing clinical deployment.

Original languageEnglish
Article number100576
JournalThe Lancet Regional Health - Europe
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2023

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The workshop of June 15-16 2020 was funded in part by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) under grant agreement IZSEZ0_193593 . The SNSF had no role in the development of the concepts and ideas illustrated in the present manuscript nor in its writing and in the decision to submit the paper for publication. None of the coauthors received any compensation related to the workshop or the writing of the scientific manuscripts that ensued, including the present one. All authors had full access to the data in the study, and they accept responsibility to submit for publication.

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