Determinantes sociodemográficos de violencia en adultos mayores ecuatorianos

Translated title of the contribution: Socio-demographic determinants of violence in older people in Ecuador

Maria Vinueza Veloz, Y Nuñez-Rivero, MDLÁ Leyva-Montero, IL Montero-López, CM Mera-Segovia

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Background and objective: Older adults are at increased risk of violence. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to identify associated risk factors. The objective of the present study was to determine the association between violence and various socio-demographic factors (age, gender, ethnic group, level of education, and place of residence) in older adults. Material and methods: Cross-sectional study that included participants from the SABE-Ecuador study, who were selected through probabilistic sampling and came from all over the national territory. Data were analysed with R using ordinal logistic regression models. Results: Sample included 4321 older adults, women (52%) and men (48%), with a mean age of 72 years (SD 8). Having suffered violence was reported in 21.3% (n = 922) of older adults. It was observed that the odds of suffering violence was lower in men than in women (OR = 0.753, p<.001), decreased as age increased (OR = 0.989, p =.012) and decreased as level of education increased (primary vs. no education OR = 0.866, p =.001; secondary vs. no education OR = 0.622, p =.003; higher vs. no education OR = 0.323, p<.001). Conclusions: Being a woman and having a low level of education is associated with an increased risk of violence in older adults. Reducing gender gap and improving access to education for older adults could reduce their risk of violence.

Translated title of the contributionSocio-demographic determinants of violence in older people in Ecuador
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)41-46
Number of pages6
JournalRevista Espanola de Geriatria y Gerontologia
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2021

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