Dosimetry for Radiopharmaceutical Therapy: The European Perspective

Michael Lassmann, Uta Eberlein, Jonathan Gear, Mark Konijnenberg, Jolanta Kunikowska

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This review presents efforts in Europe over the last few years with respect to standardization of quantitative imaging and dosimetry and comprises the results of several European research projects on practices regarding radiopharmaceutical therapies (RPTs). Because the European Union has regulatory requirements concerning dosimetry in RPTs, the European Association of Nuclear Medicine released a position paper in 2021 on the use of dosimetry under these requirements. The importance of radiobiology for RPTs is elucidated in another position paper by the European Association of Nuclear Medicine. Furthermore, how dosimetry interacts with clinical requirements is described, with several clinical examples. In the future, more efforts need to be undertaken to increase teaching and standardization efforts and to incorporate radiobiology for further individualizing patient treatment, with the aim of improving the outcome and safety of RPTs.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)73S-79S
JournalJournal of nuclear medicine : official publication, Society of Nuclear Medicine
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2021

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