Dysregulation of Small Nucleolar RNAs in B-Cell Malignancies

Martijn W.C. Verbeek, Stefan J. Erkeland*, Vincent H.J. van der Velden

*Corresponding author for this work

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Small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs) are responsible for post-transcriptional modification of ribosomal RNAs, transfer RNAs and small nuclear RNAs, and thereby have important regulatory functions in mRNA splicing and protein translation. Several studies have shown that snoRNAs are dysregulated in human cancer and may play a role in cancer initiation and progression. In this review, we focus on the role of snoRNAs in normal and malignant B-cell development. SnoRNA activity appears to be essential for normal B-cell differentiation and dysregulated expression of sno-RNAs is determined in B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and plasma cell neoplasms. SnoRNA expression is associated with cytogenetic/molecular subgroups and clinical outcome in patients with B-cell malignancies. Translocations involving snoRNAs have been described as well. Here, we discuss the different aspects of snoRNAs in B-cell malignancies and report on their role in oncogenic transformation, which may be useful for the development of novel diagnostic biomarkers or therapeutic targets.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1229
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 24 May 2022

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