E-survey on venous leg ulcer among Dutch dermatologists

SWI Reeder, K Roos, RJM Vogels, HAM Neumann

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Aim: To get insight into the frequency of venous leg ulceration in the Dutch dermatologic practice, and into how this profession treats this disease. Design: Material and Methods: An e-survey was conducted. To all Dutch dermatologists and residents dermatology an email was sent with an online link to a questionnaire on venous leg ulcers. Results: The overall response was 30%. 83.5% of the doctors usually treat their patients according to the guideline. The dermatologic practice consists on average of 73 patients (range 0-500; SD 93) with leg ulceration, and yearly 54 new leg ulcer patients (range 0-300; SD 50) are seen. 65% of the patients are women, 80% is more than 45 years of age and 55% is older than 65. Of all ulcers, 77% has a venous aetiology, of which 59% has a primary cause. Mean time to heal is 74 days (range 4-200; SD Conclusions: This questionnaire gives a good insight in the epidemiology, and the diagnostic and therapeutic regimen for patients with venous leg ulcers in Dutch dermatologic practice.
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Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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