G3BPs tether the TSC complex to lysosomes and suppress mTORC1 signaling

MT Prentzell, U Rehbein, M Cadena Sandoval, AS De Meulemeester, R Baumeister, L Brohée, B Berdel, M Bockwoldt, B Carroll, SR Chowdhury, A von Deimling, C Demetriades, G Figlia, MEG de Araujo, AM Heberle, I Heiland, B Holzwarth, LA Huber, J Jaworski, M KedraK Kern, A Kopach, VI Korolchuk, I van 't Land-Kuper, M Macias, Mark Nellist, W Palm, S Pusch, JM Ramos Pittol, M Reil, A Reintjes, F Reuter, JR Sampson, C Scheldeman, A Siekierska, E Stefan, AA Teleman, LE Thomas, O Torres-Quesada, S Trump, HD West, P Witte, S Woltering, TE Yordanov, J Zmorzynska, CA Opitz, K Thedieck

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Distinct from their contributions to stress granules, G3BPs regulate mTORC1 activity through spatial control of the TSC complex.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)655-674.e27
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 4 Feb 2021

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  • EMC OR-01


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