Genome search for susceptibility loci of common idiopathic generalised epilepsies

T Sander, H Schulz, K Saar, E Gennaro, MC Riggio, A Bianchi, F Zara, D Luna, C Bulteau, A Kaminska, D Ville, C Cieuta, F Picard, J-F Prud'homme, L Bate, A Sundquist, RM Gardiner, GAMAJ Janssen, Marian Haan, DGA Kasteleijn-Nolst-TrenitéA Bader, D (Dick) Lindhout, O Riess, TF Wienker, D Janz, A Reis

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

159 Citations (Scopus)
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
Pages (from-to)1465-1472
Number of pages8
JournalHuman Molecular Genetics
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 2000

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