Getting More Out of Less - A Quantitative Serological Screening Tool for Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Influenza A Hemagglutinin-Types in Chickens

Gudrun Freidl, Erwin de Bruin, Janko Beek, J Reimerink, S de Wit, G Koch, L Vervelde, Henk-Jan Ham, Marion Koopmans

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Current avian influenza surveillance in poultry primarily targets subtypes of interest for the veterinary sector (H5, H7). However, as virological and serological evidence suggest, surveillance of additional subtypes is important for public health as well as for the poultry industry. Therefore, we developed a protein microarray enabling simultaneous identification of antibodies directed against different HA-types of influenza A viruses in chickens. The assay successfully discriminated negative from experimentally and naturally infected, seropositive chickens. Sensitivity and specificity depended on the cutoff level used but ranged from 84.4% to 100% and 100%, respectively, for a cut off level of >= 1:40, showing minimal cross reactivity. As this testing platform is also validated for the use in humans, it constitutes a surveillance tool that can be applied in human-animal interface studies.
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
JournalPLoS One (print)
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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