How diversity promotes team creativity: Two bumpy roads to collective inspiration

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Composing teams of members with different knowledge and perspectives is a common practice for managers hoping to boost their teams’ creativity. This practice is based widely on the held belief that these differences—or diversity among team members—fuel collective creativity by either providing a broader range of resources for teams to creatively recombine or by enhancing the extent to which members stimulate each other to generate new insights. Despite the simple appeal of this proposition, the available empirical evidence suggests the need to develop a more nuanced view of diversity’s relationship with team creativity and the processes that transmit its benefits. To this end, this chapter reviews evidence speaking to these two ways in which diversity can theoretically stimulate creativity as well as the boundary conditions for these benefits. We conclude by discussing how an integrative understanding of these two pathways may better inform managerial practice and inspire future research to clarify the relationship between team diversity and team creativity.

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