How to get standardization education implemented?

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The interest in standardization education is growing. The initiative of ISO and JISC (the Japanese ISO member) for the ISO Award on Standardization in Higher education and the Academic week to be organized by ISO, IEC and ITU July 2010 are two illustrations of this. Standardization education is emerging in Asia in particular, and not only at the academic level but also at lower levels including secondary and even primary schools (for instance, Turkey and Thailand). Standardization education is needed to increase awareness of standards and standardization and to prepare people for jobs in which they have one or more standards-related tasks. In this paper we investigate what might be done at the national level to stimulate standardization education.
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Title of host publicationProceedings 7th international conference "Standardization, Protypes and Quality: A means of Balkan countries' collaboration" June 8th - 9th 2010 Zlatibor, Serbia
EditorsI. Mijatovic
Place of PublicationBelgrade, Serbia
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Publication statusPublished - 8 Jun 2010

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