MinneTAC Sales Strategies for Supply Chain TAC

Wolf Ketter, Elena Kryzhnyaya, Steven Damer, Colin McMillen, Amrudin Agovic, John Collins, Maria Gini

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We describe two sales strategies used by our agent, MinneTAC, for the 2003 Supply Chain Management Trading Agent Competition (TAC SCM). Both strategies estimate, as the game progresses, the probability of receiving a customer order for different prices and compute for each the expected profit. Offers are made to maximize the expected profit. The main difference between the strategies is in the way the probability of receiving an order is updated, and in the way an offer price is calculated. The first strategy works well in high demand games, but not as well in low-demand games. The second was developed to improve performance in low-demand games. We empirically analyze the effect of the discount given by suppliers on orders received the first day of the game. We show that in high-demand games there is a strong correlation between the offers an agent receives from suppliers on the first day of the game and the agent's performance in the game.
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Title of host publicationAAMAS04
Place of PublicationNew York
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - 2004
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