Molduras para os Deuses: O significado público da religião de um ponto de vista cultural

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This article analyzes religious forms in culture, in pop culture and in the me-dia. While our societies debate among themselves about the role and place of religion, especially with the more radical and dangerous forces, the cultural sphere continues fi lled with religious themes and images. It is not clear, however, how religion works and is portrayed in pop culture in general and in the means of communication, in particular. This is an important challenge for contemporary theologians and other researchers of religion. It is necessary to reconsider the concepts themselves of “religion” and “reli-gious”, because it is not clear that the traditional concepts of religion still make sense when we try to understand religion in these non-religious spheres. How should we distinguish between religious and non-religious contents and roles if this distinction is perhaps no longer so central or even possible? How can we even begin defi ning the concept itself of religion? To do this we will have as a starting point the perspective of the de-institutionalization of religion. Based on this perspective we will examine the way non-religious institutions assume religious functions, serving as resources and means of meaning, consolation and community. The following step will be an exposi-tion of the religious patterns which we can fi nd in the pop culture, unearthing, so to say, the necessary religious material for a cultural exegesis. And, fi nally, we will refl ect on the meaning and role of religious forms in non-religious means of communication: what happens when religious forms are framed within the context of the global news, entertainment and commerce programs?
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)358-375
Number of pages18
JournalEstudos Theolóicios
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2016
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