Nestlé (Dis)entangled! Braving the Maggi Noodle Crisis in India (B)

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This is part of a case series. After a tumultuous five months, Nestle India was exonerated in the Maggi crisis. Although the mood was one of vindication, the leadership team knew they faced a major challenge to regain Nestle's lost glory. Stock prices had plummeted along with consumer confidence. Part B traces the efforts of Nestle India to reinforce the message of product quality and engage consumer trust. Through changes in product strategy, organizational structure and multi-pronged communication, Maggi was able to rekindle the emotional connect with the consumer and surge back. The case outlines the measures Nestle India took to bounce back and wonders if it was finally out of the woods. Objectives include evaluating communication strategies available to organizations in a crisis situation and analysing the power and influence of consumer sentiment in reputation management. Topics Communication; Crisis; Social media; Legitimacy; Maggi; India
Original languageEnglish
Project No.2633-3260
Publication statusPublished - 2020

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