Prospective observational cohort study of the association between antiplatelet therapy, bleeding and thrombosis in patients with coronary stents undergoing noncardiac surgery

SJ Howell, Sanne Hoeks, RM West, SB Wheatcroft, A Hoeft, B Leva, B Plichon, S Damster, M Momeni, C Watremez, D Kahn, AS Dincq, A Danila, M Wittmann, R Struck, T Ruddel, F Kessler, S Rasche, P Matsota, A HasaniJ Gudaityte, A Karbonskiene, R Ferreira, S Carvalho, D Tomescu, C Martac, I Grintescu, L Mirea, L Serrano, P Sierra, S Sabate, D Hernando, P Matute, M Trashorras, M Sune, L Sarmiento, A Hervias, O Gonzalez, A Hermina, RN Perez, M Orts, R Fernandez-Garcia, DS Perez, IS Gil, P Monedero, F Hidalgo, C Mbongo, AR Pont, HM Reyes, CG Bartolo, SL Galera, Tabita Valentijn, Robert jan Stolker, M Tugrul, EE Demirel, M Hough, K Griffiths, S Birch, Z Beardow, S Elliot, J Thompson, S Bowrey, M Northey, H Melson, R Telford, M Nadolski, A Potter, D Fuller, A Rose, S Varma, K Simeson, J Pettit, N Smith, V Martinson, L Sleight, C Naylor, P Watt, P Raymode, N Dunk, L Twohey, L Hollos, S Davies, A Gibson, Z Coleman, T Tamm, J Joscak, L Zsisku, M Zuleika, P Carvalho, T Collyer, J Ryan, K Colling, S Dharmarajah, A Krishnan, J Paddle, A Fouracres, K Arnell, K Muhammad

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Original languageUndefined/Unknown
Pages (from-to)170-179
Number of pages10
JournalBritish Journal of Anaesthesia
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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