Tanteando en la obscuridad: Decolonial Feminist Horizons

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Can we respond to the possibility of an ethical life that is not structurally implicated with the suffering and the consumption of the life of earth and others? In this lecture, I will set some of the elements of decolonial feminist horizons that can help us to address the erasure of experiences that can teach us about overcoming the destruction of Earth (ecocide) and of ways of knowing and forms of knowledge (epistemicide). I argue for connecting ecocide to epistemicide in our struggles to decolonize universities, methodologies, curricula, and ourselves. But, how can we nurture knowledges and learning in ways that lead us towards decolonial feminist horizons? Is this actually possible given the parameters of the university, of critical social sciences, of the fields of global politics, development studies and feminism? To co-generate some tentative answers to these questions, I present praxical thinking and ethics of relationality as the grounding tenets of my research, teaching and mentoring program on Global Politics, Feminisms and Decoloniality that aims to consolidate research on the turn towards an epistemic "South'' in the study of knowledge production in global development at ISS.

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Publication statusPublished - 25 Jun 2022

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