The Use of Souls: Souriau and PolitiSpirituality

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The body is at the heart of critical and phenomenological concerns, yet it is the soul that is increasingly under pressure. As we are being stripped of our struc-tures of commonality, we need a renewed concept of political spirituality. My aim is to enrich Simondon’s concept of spirituality as transindividuality through Souriau’s trans-modal architectonics. My argument proceeds in two steps: (i) I emphasize the pre-carious and communal modality of «having a soul», defining it as a possession without ownership and demonstrating its inseparability from the problems of intensive varia-tion and discontinuity. (ii) I then argue that Souriau is inspired by Leibniz’s disjunc-tion between the ontic soul and the relational body, which holds the key to an account of spiritual commitment that exceeds the union of corporeal and psychical existences insofar as it invents a new common use for them.
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Pages (from-to)103-113
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JournalAisthesis (Italy)
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2022

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