Understanding social media use for work

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The multivalent involvement of public social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.) in both social and organizational life has raised a number of questions about how, and to what extent and effects organizational members use these technologies for work-related purposes. Yet research has fallen short of providing adequate answers to questions about the content, causes, and consequences of public social media use for work. The central aim of this dissertation is to provide a more thorough understanding of public social media use for work.The findings suggest that employees’ public social media use for work is widespread generally covering issues related to individual work experiences, organizational, or industry-related information sharing. What type of work-related information is shared on public social media largely depends on employees’ identification with the organization or their commitment toward their own career. Both of which are related to feelings of pride and respect. In term of the consequences of social media use, the findings indicate that although social media may offer unique affordances, many of the technology related paradoxes prevail in the context of social media. Hence, although communication technology may have advanced its ability to overcome many of the classical challenges associated with ICT use seems limited. This dissertation discusses several tensions associated with public social media use for work in relation to employee well-being. Aside from demonstrating several opposing effects the findings also identify conditions under which these effects may be more profound.
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  • Content, causes, and consequences
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Publication statusPublished - 2017
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