Wikipedia’s World War II

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Though grand narratives may have lost their appeal in recent decades, this hardly seems to have influenced the importance attributed to WWII in Europe and North America. The social need for stories of dramatic episodes in recent history is still met by the supply of information and representations in movies, novels, commemorations and websites. In this context, Wikipedia has become an important digital supplier of information about the past. But to what extent does an online encyclopedia, divided in entries of different sizes and structures and various language editions, contribute to a cohesive narrative of one or more overarching war themes? An analysis of the supply and demand of Wikipedia information about perpetrators will inspire questions about possible fragmentation of the dominant western WWII narrative.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 24 Feb 2016
EventNarratives of War - Amsterdam
Duration: 24 Feb 201627 Feb 2016


ConferenceNarratives of War


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